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We believe learning is a joyful journey of discovery that demands an active participation of the child. With this in mind, we provide our students a child-centric ambiance where they learn through observation and fun activities, in addition to an enquiry-based approach to learning. The school follows CBSE curriculum in a very refined way which challenges and addresses to adopt a new paradigm of education for the 21st centuary.: The Curriclum at Rama International School assimilates the best from the Indian educational system, with a great emphasis on nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. We ensure children accquire knowledge best when learning in the context of a real-world subject, in addition to the creative exploration.
The Pre-primary level (Pre-nursery- KG) is the first experience of the child to a school system before his formal schooling begins. We believe in unveiling and unfolding the young learners’ true potential through practical education , outdoor fun activities and outdoor visits. With this , we emphasize here on the development of language through the four skills – listening, speaking , reading and writing , without making any compromise on the overall development of child ‘s physical, cognitive , social, emotional, creative and aesthetic aspects of personality and call for systematic and planned implementation over period of time depending on individualistic capabilities of each child.

1 . Monthly syllabus Play to 8(August)
2 . Monthly syllabus Play to 8(September)
4 . Half Yearly Exam Date(2017-18)