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HOUSE SYSTEM The well established house system at Rama International School provides an excellent platform for holistic development of students,. It forms the basis of all competitions with in the school and promotes team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. There are four houses named on well known historians.
1.Vikramaditya:He was a legendary emperor of ancient India. He is often characterised as an ideal king known for his generosity and courage.
Motto of Vikaramaditya House is “Courage.” 2.Harshvardhan:Harsha is also known as Harshvardhan. He was an able ruler and administrator. His administrator was modeled with charity, generosity and public service. He was responsible for maintaining political stability in Northern India.
Motto of Harshvardhan House is “Generosity.”
3.Ashoka: Ashoka is one of the greatest emperor’s that are known to Indian history.He combined the piety of a saint with the practical qualities of a king.AfterKalinga war Ashoka become a peaceful emperor and become patron of Buddhism.
Motto of Ashoka House is “Wisdom.”
4.Chandragupta :He was the first Mauryan emperor. He was the first who unified India as a single entity.He was a brave and determined leader since childhood.
Motto of Chandragupta House is “Unity”.