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12 January 2019

Interhouse Kabaddi Competition

The Sports Events of 2019 in RIS started with Intershouse Kabaddi competition held on RIS playground.

There were Boys’ team forms all the four Houses of RIS who participated in the game with great gusto. After an interesting series of games, the result was - Fourth Position was by Vikramaditya House, Third Position by Ashoka House.

The Runners up for the trophy was Chandragupta House with Captain Zubair Choudhary (Class IX) and the team that took the Winning trophy was Harshvardhan, led by Captain Nishant Sharma (Class IX).

There was also match between two girl’s teams for the first time, The Rama Sunsrisers led by Pooja and Rama Panthers, led by Kanishka. The winners were team Rama Sunrisers led by Captain Pooja (Class IX).

The winter sports of this year had an awesome start with many more sports events coming up next.