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26 January 2019

Republic Day

This year, on 26thJan 2019, Republic Day was celebrated on a grand scale by RIS and Rama Nursing School in the reception hall of Rama Hospital.

The day started off by unfurling of our National Flag by Medical Superintendent Sir and Principal of Rama Medical college, Rama Nursing College and Rama International  School and other prestigious guests, staff members, benevolent teachers and students paid tribute to our great nation as all sang the national anthem.

Thereafter a variety of programs were presented by students of Rama International School and Rama Nursing College Students presented speeches that made our blood rush in patriotic ferrous. Songs which told the story of our Unsung Heroes “The Veer Jawans” brought tears to our eyes. And then there were dances presented by students which were not only culturally vibrant showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India, but also showed the love of reaction and zeal of the students.

And it’s this power of youth and their dedication towards nation celebrated through the world.

That’s why it said –

“Ask not what your country can do for you,

  Ask what you can do for your country!”