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Earth Day

22 April 2019

Earth Day

The environment friendly ‘Earth Day’ was celebrated at RIS School on 22-04-19 on Monday.

Students of Rama participated in Poster Making Competition based on Earth Day.

Students presented their ideas and views regarding saving Earth and its resources in various colorful posters.

Creative talent of the students and the important message of saving Mother Earth was the highlight of this poster making competition.

Students made posters depicting saving trees, saving electricity, saving environment, stopping pollution etc.

Earth day is celebrated with the vision that people assumed the world become aware about the negative factors like Pollution deforestation etc. which are destroying the earth and adopting measures like planting trees etc. to make Earth a Greener and Happier planet.

The winners of this poster making competition are:-

Position                                               Name                                                                    Class                                     

I                                                               Shauraya Gupta                                                IV

II                                                             Shedra                                                                  III

III                                                            Arpit                                                                      V