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Visit To Orphanage

28 September 2019

Visit To Orphanage

The Ramanian got the opportunity to visit an orphanage on September 28, 2019.

The students have contributed various things for the underprivileged children. They donated food items, clothes, shoes and many such things.

The student’s volunteers interacted with students and distributed chocolate, biscuits, Maggie, toys, clothes and stationary to students.

The orphanage is situated in govindpuram, Ghaziabad and the children there are of up to 10 years. These small children had also put up their creative talents on display in the orphanage like drawings, clay models etc.

The students of RIS spent a lot of time with these kids and formed a bonding with them. The students learnt the value of love and care for poor people with this visit.

A visit to orphanage is a life changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments.