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Science Exhibition &Dussehra Celebration

05 October 2019

Science Exhibition &Dussehra Celebration

With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of Science technologies, engineering etc. The exhibition was organized in Rama International School on October 5, 2019. It was a light to knowledge inhibited.

The exposition saw more than 50 models .Some were working and some are still like Solar power Irrigation, Volcano, Candy Machine, Electric Circuit, JCB, Water Harvesting System, ATM Machine, Water Purifier, Wind Mill, drone etc. the parents were quite excited when they saw drone which was prepared by class X students and they thrilled when they saw tiny tots ‘activities, the objectives was not only to inculcate a scientific attitude & research mindedness but also creating teaching aids. “The parents appreciated the exhibition and the involvement of the students”.

It was also a day of result declaration and just as every coin has two sides the result day is also a day of happiness and joy on the one hand and a day of sad and disappointment on the other .

It is a day on which students are judged and awarded according to their performance in exams, a day of pride for the parents of outstanding students and a day of disappointment for the parents ,whose words ‘didn’t perform well  to  their expectations in exams.

The RIS celebrated Dussehra with a lot of fervor and ardor. A huge effigy of Ravana with ten heads was burnt by the tiny tots of Rama International School. The principal Mrs. Anita Tripathi addressed and told them the victory of virtue over the vice. She also said the objective of conducting exhibition was not only to inculcate the scientific attitude but it involves students to participate in activities so as to understand the cognitive affective and psychomotor aspect. Lastly the programe came to an end when effigy of Ravana was burnt.