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09 September 2017

Computer Programming is a vast creative field which are affecting our lives daily, in many different ways. One very important aspect about programming is that ideas can become reality very quickly.

Students of “Rama International School” has culminated their computer week on 9.9.17.

They have been working on it diligently from last two weeks.

This exhibition provided the platform for students to showcase their logical, technical and problem solving skills.

Variousprojects are “Christmas tree” in MSpaintbykavya( I). “ My boat” in Tux paint by Saksham ( II), “Play with numbers”Ms Excel “by Yash (IV) and Ankit ( V), “Scrachprogramms” like “Grab a fish” by Shashank_(VII), “Cross Road” by Vivek ( VII), “Maze” and Car Race by Nishant ( VIII), “Cut the ball” by  Harsh (IX), “Girl education movie”byDivyansh (VII), “ Prince and princes” by Shashank( VII),

 “Save Tree” by Sneha(VII), “Web site” creation by Zaid and Avnish( IX).