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Children’s Day Celebration

16 November 2017

Children’s Day Celebration


The teachers and children of Rama international School , remembered Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, and celebrated the  children’s day on 14th of November at school premises..

The class I, II, III children arrived at school, dressed in colourful clothes and were full of excitement during the special assembly. The children were shown a movie “moogly”’ after which they were taken to participate in horse riding activity. The children were thrilled to see the horses and enjoyed thoroughly.

They played fun filled games and got prizes. These all activities were followed by class picnic in school play ground.


In the Middle school and senior school, it was a day wherein fun and frolic dominated, after the grind and rigour of academics in the morning.  There was cricket match played between two teams named “Rama Rider” and “Rama Tiger”. It was cut throat competition between the two teams and finally Rama Rider won the match. Rest of the students were in cheering team, enjoyed the match thoroughly.

The teachers along with Principal Shradha Agarwal presented a light-hearted assembly dedicated to their students. Prayer is sung by all the teachers, thought of the day was given by Ms Gargi , weather news was given by Ms Neetu . They entertained the students with” Magic show” by Mr Ram kumar, a hilarious mime act by Mr Avinash., a dance  performance by Ms Bhararti, Ms Ritu, Mr Gagan , Mr Piyiyush and Ms Mantasha’ and song performance by Mr Piyush, Ms Pooja , Ms Meenakshi, and Mr Jitendra.. It was fun filled day for all the students.