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Rama International School promises to give the finest education to your child and pursue excellence in every imaginable field. For us, every child is a miracle and we believe that he must know this since the beginning of the world there has not bees ,and until the end of the world there will never be another child like him Every child is a leader of a glorious tomorrow and so , we leave no stone unturned to shape future leaders. Our emblem represent different aspects of learning :

  1. The Globe signifies the global outlook pre-requisite for shaping well rounded global citizens and great leaders of tomorrow.
  2. The symbol of Children Holding Hands all around the world, signifies the harmony, strength and the strong connection.
The blue color in the emblem symbolizing their intellectual achievement and informs us that RIS curriculum is all about developing conscientious citizens deep rooted with Indian values and rich culture integrated with a global mindset. The green colored circle that carry RAMA International School and our motto-“Making A Better Tomorrow” remind us that each child of our school is dedicated towards protecting the environment. Rama International School believes in leaving a long-lasting impression on your child’s overall academic and learning experience . Our staff gives your children real-life education experience. Our staff gives your children real life education and make sure every child has an accumulated impact on their tomorrow.