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Rama International School always believes in nurturing the unique abilities of our students in a green and peaceful enviornment . We give them an ambience where hard work, self-dicipline, sound ethical values and academic achievements are encouraged.

Our Vision

"Making a better tomorrow."

Our Mission

"Empowering every child with the power of a pure thought, a thought which would enlighten the conscious of many more and lead us to new horizons every day." Education should give a child power to think and enable him/hir to make the right decisions in life. It's about leading rather than just following blindly. It's about letting yourself free and doing what interest you the most but in a way that it does not disturb or causes pain to anyone.
A child should not be instructed but assisted along his/her thoughts to reach one's true self. Schooling should be creating an enviornment where a child is exposed to various aspects of the world, where one can choose according to his/her choice and become a trendsetter.