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The curriculum is designed with the objective to bring about an all-round development of every student, keeping in mind the element of empathy. Special attention to eachindividual student ensures that they ate encouraged to enhance their subject concept. reasoning. problem solving and creative thinking skills. Starting with the tiny tots, our play school provides a fun filled learning environment.

Children participate in a host of activities which facilitate them to explore the world in their own way and also leads to their motor skills and social and emotional development. In classes Nursery and K.G, children move on to receive their formal learning in reading, writing and numeracy. They begin to get familiar with the environment and make friends. Language development takes place with social interaction.

The primary class's curriculum aims at in-depth learning with the support of games, extra curricular activities and development of motor skills. The curriculum is delivered in a very interactive way with special emphasis on projects and hands on activities. Students have experiential and conceptual learning through theme based and project based learning, developing their creativity and inquisitiveness.

Teachers are trained to enhance the learning abilities of children and work in association with parents in understanding each child at a personal level and hence aiding towards constructive learning. At RIS we are following CBSE and NCF guidelines for educational deliverance.