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Physical Development

At RIS, sports is considered to be one of the best tools for developing life skills like : self discipline, courage, confidence, team spirit etc. A range of indoor and outdoor facilities are provided to build the child’s muscle strength and gross motor skills . A very high level of adult supervisions ensure safety and enables them to meet physical challenges like balancing, skating etc, which helps to develop their stamina and maintain physical health. At the same time a lot of activities are designed involving cutting, pasting, tearing and molding to develop the fine motor skills required for better handwriting and presentation.

Joy of learning

At RIS, we are committed to developing an educational process in a stress free environment, bringing in a feeling of togetherness. The student are encouraged to compete only with themselves and try to better their own achievements because every student is unique and needs to special attention. All efforts are made to ensure that learning is an extremely enjoyable experience at RIS.

Mathmatical Development

By Means of adult supported practical experiences , student become familiar with sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting activities, which forms the basic for early mathematics. As they use their developing mathematical understanding to solve practical problems , students are supported to learn and use the vocabulary of mathematics, identifying objects by shape, position, size, volume and number.

Personal Social & Emotional Development

At RIS, we believe every student is special and needs to be individually treated, each in a different way, to bring out the best in them . Students are encouraged to support their peer group, share their feelings during circle time, listen to their friends and corporate with everyone. Social skills like team spirit, sharing, taking turns etc, is given due important so as to ensure better citizens tomorrow. Various activities like story telling and fun activities in the class and during circle time , not only enhance their knowledge but also leads to developing listening skills, empathy etc.