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Heavy Bags

10 December 2018

Dear Parents

Greetings from RIS

RIS Indirapuram has always ensured that children of our school are happy & healthy and grow up in a congenial atmosphere. We are deeply concerned about the harmful effects of heavy bags on our children. We have been conducting random checks on school bags children carry and have found that bags are not being packed according to the class time table. As a result children are carrying all the Text Books, Note Books, Practice Notebooks plus 2 heavy water bottles and a tiffin box. Following the latest trends, parents are buying Trolley Bags which even when empty weigh 1½ to 2 Kgs.

We would request parents to please spare 10 to 15 minutes to supervise that your child is packing his/her bag according to the time table and not carrying extra material like colour pencils, toys, writing pads or home practice note copies.

Please buy light weight bags, as heavy bags added to the weight of books can have adverse health effects.  We do hope you will realize the seriousness of the situation and co-operate with us, to make our children‘s school life healthy and happy.

Looking forward to your support and involvement.