Rama Schools believe in “The Joy of Learning” because we know Learning is much wider than just academics and so, we prepare responsible, innovative and compassionate citizens of a BETTER TOMMORROW who are capable to address all the challenges of today’s real world.

We always make sure that our students are committed to the progress of entire world while retaining their traditional values. The Core Philosophy for Rama Schools is “Hold a Hand, Open a Mind, Touch a Heart and Shape the Future“ because we firmly believe that our children are the future of tomorrow.

At Rama Schools, we are providing a platform to each child to identify the natural talent and excel in it so as to opt is as a profession in life. Also, we give a preparatory base to the children and ensure for the harmonious development. We nurture students in a special way and let them dream high and strive to make their dream into a reality.

The Vision

Setting up a teaching methodology without boundaries, interactive enough to motivate the learning.Our children are taught through a combination of ancient Gurukul System of companinonship.They are exposed to multiple opportunities wherein they develop their own interest and learn by working on them rather than mugging up. Development of interactive and team-based learning processes to enhance students capability of delivering in the real world.

The Mission

Empowering every child with the power of a pure thought, a thought which would enlighten the conscious of many more and lead us to new horizons every day. Education should give a child power to think and enable him/her to make the right decisions in life. It is about leading rather than following blindly. It’s about letting yourself free and doing what interest you the most but in a way that it does not disturb or cause pain to anyone.